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The Geopolitics Corona

Sudarshan Chakrapani,


Global Legal Innovation Advisory.

The world has seen numerous pandemics and upheavals, but the COVID-19, Wuhan virus or as President Trump calls it, the ‘China virus’, stands out for its geographical spread & its effect on the world socially, economically and even culturally has been unprecedented. It has affected over 6 million people, with over 400 thousand dead. What’s different about this virus? Why has it caught the global media attention like nothing else before? Is the virus a bio-weapon or is it just plain ruthless opportunism on the part of China?

Post the Second World War, the cold war rivalry between the two main ideological blocks led by the Capitalist United States and Communist Soviet Union, with their gigantic militaries, sizeable economic & political resources, significant stockpiles of nuclear weapons and the doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) created a stalemate and (even if uneasy) prolonged peace. The fall of the Berlin wall and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union was an era altering moment as the world suddenly became unipolar. The only pole being the capitalist liberal democracy of the United States of America.

Over the last 2 decades, as the emergence of communist China and resurgence of theological Islam as an ideological competitor of the liberal west has shown how the world can be brought to the brink without destructive wars. Some recent examples range from the financial crisis that hit the Wall Street causing the Great Recession of 2008 to the (limited) pandemics like the SARS, Ebola and MERS; from the recent armed takeover of the Ukrainian state of Crimea by Russian militia to the risks of weaponizing of information all over the world, especially as China becomes a world leader in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and 5G. To add fuel to the fire, the apparent collapse of the world multilateral institutions of the Bretton Woods era like the United Nations (UN), which has not yet discussed the Corona crisis to date. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been in the eye of the storm as multiple world leaders have implied it is a puppet of the Chinese CCP.

The video seeks to address these questions while focusing on the geopolitical implications of the pandemic. Will the world be the same as post-COVID-19? What happens to the world order as we know it, with the US and west sitting at the high table? Is there a New World Order in the making, back to the bipolar world with the US and China leading the two poles, similar to the Cold War post the World War II? Or will we have a multipolar world with developing countries like India enjoying more power? Will Europe still be the geopolitical centre of the world or geopolitical centre of gravity shift east?

Thought-provoking questions which define the ‘interesting’ times (which seem to have become downright crazy lately) we live in. Please do view the video, I do believe you will be able to understand Chinese behaviour as well as make better sense of what’s happening…perhaps, get you interested in geopolitics too! In fact, in the following video, I look at the effects of the Corona crisis on India.

Please note: The Author is a member of the Global Legal Innovation Advisory. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of Internationalism or the Global Law Assembly.

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