Is China the Biggest Security Threat to India?

Updated: May 26

Kartikey Misra,

Global Legal Innovation Advisory,

Global Law Assembly.

This is for the people who think that China isn’t the biggest security threat to India!

China betrayed us in 1962, has blocked us from Nuclear Suppliers Group, has been dumping its cheap quality products in our market, took Article 370 issue to the UN Security Council, armed our neighbour with bomb designs and fissile material for nuclear weapons, has crossed LAC multiple times, builds roads at will in POK and was blocking UN designation of Masood Azhar, to name a few! Interestingly, we saw this happening and did absolutely nothing.

We face our biggest strategic & security challenge in decades. Unless someone lives in La la land & believes that Galwan was not premeditated, it must be seen as a deliberate provocation from China to test India’s resolve & readiness to protect her territorial integrity. How we respond is something that not only China will watch, but also India's potential allies. If India soft-pedals, like it has done so many times in the past, the Chinese will keep pushing harder & changing the LAC in their favour. Not only that, but they'll also start dictating what India can and cannot do even in the territory under her control. Other countries will also be watching India’s response very closely and carefully to see if India has what it takes to stand up to China and stare it down. Any delay will just cement CCP's unholy intentions! Also, this might encourage misadventures by many smaller and hostile countries. No compromise on National security. Indian wisdom of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (The world is a family) doesn't work with the authoritarian Commies. Rethinking is vital!

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