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Geopolitica of Corona: How Does it Affect India?

Sudarshan Chakrapani,


Global Legal Innovation Advisory.

The COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a global upheaval of unprecedented degree (for all of us, esp. those under the age of 102!!! The last epoch-defining upheaval was probably the Second World War. A new world emerged from the post-war era; the world becoming bipolar with the United States of America and the Soviet Union forming the ideological and political poles, the creation of multi-lateral organisations at various conferences at Bretton Woods to ensure world peace. There is a strong possibility that the post corona, there will a 'brave new world' as several world organisations, especially the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), perhaps even the International Monetary Fund (IMF) seem to be out of sync with the geopolitics of the 21st century. The absence of countries such as Germany and Japan, a part of the vanquished Axis powers in World War II, and developing countries such as India and Brazil have shown the UN security council is an incomplete representation of the world’s high table.

We discussed the Geopolitics of the Corona in my last episode of #ChaxSimplifies. Please view this video to understand how the Corona crisis has affected the world.

Now we focus on India, especially after the 20 billion USD rebuilding plan announced by Prime Minister Modi, being referred to as India’s “Marshall Plan” in (optimistic) strategic circles: how does India view itself and how can it position itself geopolitically to fill the vacuum in geopolitical power.

India has developed significant soft power over the past decades and Indian leadership has been widely respected in multilateral organisations including the UN, ASEAN, SARC and NAM over the past decade. India, a secular democracy, has the potential to be a bridge between the Islamic world (India has the second-largest Muslim population in the world) and the West, a bridge between the developing world and the G20, a bridge between the Europe & USA in the west and the countries of South Asia and probably most importantly a bridge between the sole superpower of the 21st century, USA and the almost superpower of the era, China.

With China in the centre of a global geopolitical storm with questions being raised on its role and conduct in the global pandemic to its expansionist aspirations; the quality of its products (especially medical equipment in during the pandemic) to security concerns (with data security concerns of Huawei regarding 5G, of platforms such as Zoom and Tiktok); its arm-twisting of global institutions to creating of 'client states’ through, the now very infamous, debt-trap diplomacy…. India's stock has been rising. Indian capabilities in IT, pharmaceuticals and Hi-tech, the conduct of the largest ever global evacuation in history (Vande Bharat & Samudra Setu), the supply of medical and life-saving gear (emphasized by most world leader calling their ‘friend Modi’ for HCQ) have made India a 'darling' of the world.

While it has all the necessary ingredients from political leadership to the availability of land, labour, capital, power and rule of the law, will India show the WILL to rise and take its rightful place in the comity of nations? View the video to understand my views.

Cdr Sudarshan Chakrapani (Retd) in a career spanning over 25 years in the Indian Navy, commissioned two submarines (INS Sindhuvir and Sindhuvijay) in the then Soviet Union and commanded a missile corvette. An alumnus of The National Defence Academy and Defence Services Staff College, he has held important staff appointments in Port Blair (Andaman & Nicobar Islands), Mumbai and New Delhi. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of Internationalism or the Global Law Assembly.

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